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Oregon Incorporation Service

All Oregon Corporations Formed in 24 Hrs Or Less!

At Oregon Registered Agent, we will complete and file your corporation’s articles of incorporation the same day you order. All Oregon corporations will be activated within 1 business day. Your company will be set, formed and activated as fast as possible. This is our promise to you.

$235 Total For An Oregon Corporation Formed in 1 Day

Our Oregon corporation Formation Service Includes:

  • 1 Day Corporation Filing and Activation (all holiday/weekend orders will be processed on the following business day)
  • 365 Days of Oregon Registered Agent Service
  • All Organization Documents: Corporate Bylaws, Stock Certificates, Initial Resolutions and More
  • Increased Corporate Privacy and Business Security
  • Free Use of Our Address on Formation Documents
  • Online Account to Monitor, Track, and Receive Important Business Documents
  • Real-Time Corporation Annual Report Reminders
  • Instant Document Delivery System
  • Instant Registered Agent Service
  • Oregon Business Presence: Domain + Website + Email Address + Phone Number
  • Lifetime Client Support
  • Online Access to Additional Business Services
  • Optional BOI Report Filing ($25)
  • Option to register an assumed business name (DBA) for $125 plus state fees using our Trade Name Service after purchasing our LLC formation service.

As a local Oregon company, we are dedicated to providing quality products and excellent customer services. We are not a large company. To compete with the large national brands, we needed to elevate our level of value and service. For $235 total—no hidden fees, no add-ons—we’ll provide you with an Oregon corporation incorporated in 24 hours or less. Our price includes state fees and registered agent service.

Some companies advertise deals for $35 or $99. Don’t be fooled. Those prices don’t include state fees, registered agent service, operating agreement, etc.

When you hire us to incorporate your Oregon company, you’ll get everything you need to operate your corporation right from day one.

What’s Not Included with Our Oregon Incorporation Package?

Get an EIN for Your Oregon Corporation

The only thing you’ll need that we don’t include in our corporation package is an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Why? We don’t want to charge you when you can get an EIN for FREE in a matter of minutes. Simply visit the IRS website and obtain an EIN online. If you really don’t want to get your own EIN, we charge folks $50 to get their EIN for them if they have a Social Security Number, $200 if they do not.

Why Does My Corporation Need an EIN? 

Technically, you may not need an EIN, but only if your corporation doesn’t hire employees and isn’t engaged in business (holding companies are really the only exception). Otherwise, an EIN is essentially a business’ social security number, and will be required to pay taxes and hire employees.

Starting an Oregon Corporation on a Budget?

If you’re trying to save money on start-up costs, we completely understand. You can start your own corporation in Oregon and just appoint us as the registered agent if you would like. The Oregon corporation articles of organization (the required formation document that is filed with the Oregon Secretary of State) and filing tips are in your client account online immediately when you sign up for your account with us.

How to Sign Up for Oregon Incorporation Service?

Simply click the “Order Now” button and complete the form. To do, you’ll need to know:

  • Desired Company Name or Current Business Name
  • Business Purpose (list the reason why you’re forming the company in as simple of terms as possible)
  • The Names of All Officers and Directors
  • Number of Authorized Shares
  • Par Value of Shares (the lowest price at which you are willing to sell a single share of stock)
  • Member Name (Oregon now requires you to list at least one member on the articles of organization)
  • Your Contact Details (not listed on public documents)
  • Mailing Address (not listed on public documents; as your registered agent, we’ll list our mailing address on the public documents for added privacy and business security)

That’s all you need. Incorporate your business today, do business in Oregon tomorrow!

Next Steps

After your corporation is filed with the Oregon Secretary of State, then what? There are some additional filings due down the road that your corporation will need to be prepared for:

File Your BOI Report

You have 30 days after incorporation* to file a Beneficial Ownership Information report for your corporation. This report is free and must be filed online with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). To file, you’ll need to provide your company’s legal name (plus any DBA names), address and jurisdiction of formation, and tax ID number. You also must provide the following information for your company’s beneficial owner(s) and company applicant: full legal name, date of birth, residential address, photo ID.

*Companies formed in 2024 have 90 days, and those formed before January 1, 2024 have until 2025 to file their BOI report.

What’s a beneficial owner and what’s a company applicant?

A beneficial owner is anyone who has significant influence over your corporation, like a board member, a CEO, or someone who holds at least 25% of your stock shares. For this reason, your company may have many beneficial owners. Your company applicant is the person who filed incorporation papers in Oregon. If someone else gave the direction to file incorporation papers, this person must also be listed as a company applicant in your BOI report. You may list up to two. 

Do I have to file a BOI report for my Oregon corporation?

Most likely, yes. This is a mandatory filing. While there are some exceptions, they are for corporations in industries that already receive federal oversight, like government and banking. If this sounds like a headache, you can hire us to form your BOI report for you for just $25.

File Your Annual Report

Each year, by your corporation’s anniversary date, you’ll also need to submit an online state filing to the Oregon Secretary of State called an annual report. On this report, you’ll verify that information such as your members or managers, registered agent and  business address, email and phone number are up-to-date, and you’ll have to chance to make updates if needed. The filing fee is $100.

At Oregon Registered Agent LLC, we send report filing reminders to our clients to help ensure this annual filing doesn’t get missed (which can lead to “inactive” status and ultimately administrative dissolution). You can also hire us to file your report for you each year for $100 plus the state fee.

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