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by Oregon Registered Agent LLC

Oregon Business Filing Tips

Business filing tips in Oregon

You should make your Oregon filings with the online state portal.  It gets done instantly, and you don’t have to pay any extra filing fees.  We provide business filing tips and a direct link to online filings in your registered agent account.

You can also fax file your paperwork if you’ve already filled it out and don’t want to do it online.  Faxing your filing in gets it approved in about 2 business days.  If you mail it in, it will take about 10 business days.

The Oregon SOS charges $100 to set up a new Oregon business and $100 a year for the annual report.

You don’t really get anything back from the state unless you pay an extra $5 for a confirmation copy.  We recommend just looking yourself up online by doing a name search and then you can see that you’re active with the state.  Another trick is sending in duplicate copies and then they will often file stamp one and return it without paying the $5.  If you file online you get a certificate showing your articles immediately.

Oregon does not require original signatures on anything.  Oregon doesn’t have any sales tax, so if you’re coming here to work from another state like Washington, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to conduct retail business.  We also don’t have confusing agencies like the WA Labor and Industries, and our workers compensation insurance is privatized.  But unfortunately we have one of the highest income taxes in America.  Hey, I guess you can’t win everything.